On Saturday morning you and your Dad
went for your traditional breakfast 
followed by some fun at Sir Bounce A lots. 

I was grateful to have you out of the house
so I could get your Birthday Cookies made
in time for your party the next day.

It took a long time but it was so much fun!
And of course, you loved the Bouncy Houses.

On Sunday morning, you and I 
went to A. Erika's and U. Robert's.
You and U. Robert fixed the squeak in the 
screen door on the porch, 
and then the two of you went fishing.
You caught a tree.
A. Erika and I drank our coffee on the porch 
listening to you and U. Robert yelling and laughing.
I'm so glad you have him -both of them- 
in your life. 
Once we were home, Jay showed up to 
play with you before the party.

You're Dad and I got the yard and deck ready
for the big birthday bash! 

We set up the long folding table with 10 places
for you and all your guests. 

We put out buckets and jars of fun:
cowboy hats, bandanas, sherif stars, mustaches,
and candy, candy, CANDY!!! 

We hoped to have everything set up so 
the "no-parents" party would run smoothly
with just he and I and Auntie Pam.

We had the cookies finished, 
the ice cream balled, sprinkled and 
frozen in cup cake papers,
and we had all the glass bottled sodas
on ice in the giant wheel barrow.

Everything was so cute and ready to go!

All of your friends arrived between 2:00 and 2:05.
They put mounds of wrapped presents and cards
on the gift table, and headed out to the woods to play.
A. Pam, Miss Kelly, Miss Teri, your Dad and I
all stood on the deck with no idea what to do. :)

So we decided to break out the treats, first!

What better way to get you all running back to the deck
than to yell "cookies and ice cream!" 

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to you, 
and you blew out your candle...
a few times. :)

Everyone loved their Birthday treats.
Even the Daddy. 

After the first sugar injection
we went to the side yard for
Sac Races.

Everyone had a blast racing.
All the kids won a prize for 
1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.
After the Sac Races, we all played
Catch the Flag.
This was a game that you played 
and LOVED at Summer School this year. 
You couldn't wait to get your own friends together
to enjoy a game of it in your yard.
It was very very fun!

After the games we opened gifts.

 It was great to watch all these special friends,
most of whom you've known for so long,
gather around you to see what you got 
and to share their gifts with you.

The girls were enjoying having some fun with you...

and of course, they were loving
to dress you up in your new black cat costume.

Next, everyone got their hats, bandanas, 
stars and mustaches on for pictures.

The group photos were fun,





You sure have one zany group of pals!

Finally, it was time for the pinatas!

First, the horse...

and then the Lightening McQueen Car.

Everyone made a haul.

And those cowboy hats came in extra handy for scooping,
carrying, and storing all those goods!

The parents each picked their kids up
between 5:00 and 5:10
(some prompt folks we know).

 But we didn't want things to end quite so abruptly for you.
We knew you would enjoy playing 
with some of your gifts with a friend after the dust settled... 

so we arranged for your favorite girl,
Jaymee Glynn, to stay late.

It was such a great, crazy, and fun party!
I'm glad it's over. :) 

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  1. You did an awesome job Lora~ I think the cookies were the cutest followed by the soda's in the wheelbarrow!
    Great Birthday fun!
    Love Mom