Spring is Here???

Maybe. It sure is taking its time this year. 

Today, we got out of the house to meet with our new-ish friends, 
Ashley and her four kids at WLS. It feels like we haven't been there in a year!
It was so nice out. 55 degrees, and we were able to walk all around outside. 

You really liked spending time with Ashley's two oldest kids, 
Malayna and Myleigh. They are a great match with you. 
We were there for hours, and it was SO much fun.

You and I went a little early so we could have a little picnic lunch together, 
but it was a little too cool out at first, 
so we stayed in the front of the pilot and ate. 
It was much more fun! You loved being in the front by me. 
You asked if it was fun to sit in the front all the time. 
And you learned all about how to work the seats. 

This afternoon we had another showing on the house. 
We loaded the car up with us and all the animals 
and headed to Moe's for an hour. 
We ate tacos in the car with the windows open. 
It was fun. 

I will never forget these days, while we are selling our home, 
staying out of it to keep it clean, packing all of us in the car, 
Frank, Apple, Yuki AND the cat!!! Praying together, waiting and hoping. 

Tonight's showing was very promising. 
The people liked it a lot and are moving forward in the process 
sending the questions they have through their realtor to ours, etc...

We're in no hurry, but it sure is fun to show off our beautiful home! 

When we got home, you and me and Apple went outside 
for some scooter racing fun. You have me commentate your "races". 
I have to name your opponents. 
I just use famous peoples' names so I can remember them, 
and you think I'm a genius for thinking up such cool names so easily. 
Like, Jack Black, Ricky Ricardo, and Stunt man Steve. :) 

When you finish a race I interview you a little for the post race show... 
it's so fun and cute. 

Now, you are watching your Daddy play Fourtsa Four (or something like that).
He doesn't play video games often, but he needed to shut his brain off tonight. 

It's time for me to tuck you in with your pug for the night. 
Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees! 
We will try to see Gwin before our play at the W Center at 12:30, 
and then we have another showing to get the pets out of the house by 2:45! Should be fun. 

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