A Good Man

Today, we woke up and all snuggled in bed looking at some more homes for rent online. It's fun to look, and it brings peace to the plan when we find better and better options of places we can live when we sell our house. 

Then you had some cereal and played on your iPad. Your Dad and I had breakfast together. Meatball sandwiches and green drinks. :)

We bummed around the house for a couple hours. You played toys, your Dad did some lessons on the computer stuff he's learning right now, and I cleared out over half of our kitchen belongings for our coming area rummage sale. It was fun to get rid of things thinking of moving and downsizing. It's amazing what we still had that we didn't need after all the purging we do. 

At about 12:45 we headed out for the Monster Truck show at the Resch Center in town. It was awesome! You loved it, and it was another first for all of us! None of us have ever been to a Monster Truck show!

After the show we were on our way home when we got a flat tire! I was so glad your Dad was with us. He changed the tire to the spare, but then IT popped about another quarter of mile down the road! 

We were only a few miles from our house, but we had to call our tow guy. After I got off the phone with him, a man from a Tire company stopped to help us. So, we called off the tow guy. This good man fixed our spare tire and declared the original blown tire, totaled. He followed us to our first turn off the main road, and then he checked the spare to be sure it wasn't losing air. We were all set to go, and he would not let us pay him. 

We got his card, and talked about that man's goodness all evening. 
He had a real impact on us. Your Dad said he didn't even know there were still good people like that in the world. How sad that no one has ever been good to your Dad like that. :(

One good deed can give a man hope. It can change everything for someone. 
I hope you never forget that. I hope we raise you to be a good man like the man who helped us today. 

I love you son. 

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