Today we went to BFR for breakfast. You had two poached eggs, an english muffin and hollandaise sauce. You get it this way because you don't like the ham. They bring it all separate for you so you can build it yourself. You and your Dad have been going there for breakfast on Saturdays for about a year. 

After breakfast we went to Woodmans to get groceries for the week. Your Dad let you buy some things that we wouldn't have normally bought. i.e. a "flavored" apple in a bag??? :) 

Then we went home to meet Jaymee. Aunt Julie dropped her off to play for the afternoon. I tried my hand at some homemade chicken nuggets. I used ground turkey. Rolled it out like cookie dough with water on the counter and rolling pin. Then I used an egg shaped cooking cutter to make the shapes. Dipped the cutouts into flour, then egg, then panko. Put them on a baking sheet and popped in the oven for 10 minutes. Healthy and scrumptious. You hated them. Everyone else loved them. 

We all went to look at a cute house that your Dad and I found for rent in town. It's in a really cute neighborhood with a park right across the street, and is so adorable and perfect for us. It's a three bedroom, one bathroom, beautiful hardwood floors in every room but kitchen and bath with tile. It has a finished basement and an awesome finished attic. Tons of character. It also has the sweetest wooden-fenced-in backyard. We all loved it. 

The best part was a surprise to us. The owners told us that they would prefer for us to have ALL three of our dogs there than to have us farm out Apple for our three years before we leave!!! We did NOT expect that. So awesome. I know that God knows just where we will be, but this place would sure be nice. 

At home, you and Jay played some more, and then A. Julie picked her up around 4p. Now, we are all snuggling in bed on our computers watching HGTV. :) 

You are about to empty the dishwasher (begrudgingly, no doubt) and then take a bath. I am going to shower and snuggle in with your Daddy for a movie. He's not feeling great tonight. 

It was a good day. Hope-filled and exciting! I can't wait to get further into our new adventure. 

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