Today was gloomy and raining outside, but you and your Dad were my sunshine, inside. 

You whizzed through school like nothing. 2.5 hours flat. Done. You're too smart for second and third grade curriculum. :) 

We were blessed to go and pick up Grant from school. He hit his head and needed to go home for the day. 

Then we had lunch and did a little gaming. We do love to play video games. It's kind of nice, because I've always loved video games, but I thought that I would have to give them up when I had kids. On the contrary. Now, I just have to be sure to keep it balanced so we don't all turn into computers. 

We have known that we will have to find a new home for Mea for awhile now. We are all so allergic, and she is stuck in a single room most of the time now. She's such a good cat. 

I kind of thought that Uncle Tony would just take her, since his second cat, China, passed away leaving her sister Lita, with no companion. But we found out today that Uncle isn't comfortable having another cat with Lita because she hasn't reacted well to other cats in her old age. 

So, we are on the hunt for a good home for her. We already found a couple of good options today. So that is good. 

We also did some more work on looking for the right buyers for Gwin. 

It is hard to consider letting go of some of our pets like this (and your Dad's motorcycle), but it is going to be so good for all of us. We all have to let go of something in order for us to be free to move forward with our plan. 

This afternoon, you and Apple and Frank played outside for a couple of hours. Your Dad and I talked and danced and watched you out the windows. Your Dad played guitar for me, and we ate dinner together. 

We had to call you in for a shower and bed. It was getting late. We snuggled into your bed. I read more babyzeek.com to you. Then we turned on Geronimo Stilton Audio books, and I fell asleep with you for about 20 minutes! 
We are all very tired. 

I'm off to snuggle in with your Dad and get some sleep. 

I love you baby boy. 

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