My Little Bug Has a Bug

Today you are sick with your first stomach flu. I'm amazed that this is also the first time you've ever thrown up in your entire life. Seven and a half years old!  

You've only thrown up twice. The first time, alone in the shower. You were such a trouper. You called, "MOM COME!" afterward. I just knew by the sound of your voice (along with the fact that you hadn't touched dinner and complained of a tummy ache) that you had gotten sick. And then once in the middle of the night when you woke up, downed a glass of water, and then didn't feel so well until it came back up. You are so thirsty, and I'm sorry that you can't keep your water down yet. 

You are so cute, asking me how many times I think you will have to throw up. How long will the flu last. Do I think you might not throw up anymore. Will your pop make you sicker? Why does it happen like this, or like that? 

You are so sweet. You are sleeping with us, of course. You have a little fever of about 101.2 right now. I just got out of bed at about 1:30am to clean the house for our showing tomorrow night. I know that there's a chance I will get sick from you, and I really don't want to have to cancel the appointment. I have a good feeling about this one! :)

I'm all done cleaning now, I did my prayer and Jesus time, and now I'm ready to climb back in bed with you for some more house hunters and sleeping the day away. 

I love you baby boy. You're so sweet and strong. 

Love, Meam

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