Today was a long day. First thing this morning I spent a few hours getting the house ready for our realtor, Steve, to come and assess things for our listing. Then, right before he got here I had time to make you some special pancakes for breakfast. Donut pancakes with icing and sprinkles. You loved them. 

After Steve left, you and I went to see Gwin. She was sweet and wooly. I groomed her while you played. Then I turned her out, chatted with Gwen a little, and we headed home to clean up. 

Then you and I went bowling at The Gutter for a couple hours. You had a cheese burger. You complained about the unusual (sub) bun, but ate most of it. You had french fries and root beer. You won the first game and I won the second. It was fun. I love watching your cute little fingers, skinny arms and legs, fumbling and figuring the ball, lane and those slippery dipprey shoes. So cute. 

After our games we went home to your Daddy. Your favorite babysitter, Alyssa came to watch you, while your Dad and I went out to dinner at Chives. It was nice to get out and have some time alone, not to mention the delicious food. 

When we got home I went upstairs to check on you. You were in bed reading and listening to a different audiobook. I snuggled and tucked you in. 

We did a lot for one day, and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is Saturday!!! We get to have your Daddy for two days, all to ourselves! :)

I love weekends. 

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