2nd Day Down

Today, when I picked you up from school you walked out talking with a friend! :) His mom started talking with me, and we spent about 15 minutes (ok, maybe 20) visiting and getting to know each other a bit. 

On the way home, you told me that school went pretty good today. You got to go to Art class and gym. You didn't have to wear your gym shoes in gym because it was all outdoors. You said you made some friends because you had to meet and introduce each other. You were paired with a boy in your class and you each had to tell the class two true things and one lie about each other. The class had to guess which was which. A classic "break the ice" game. :) 

At home we went through your stuff. You asked me to proof this letter that you have to hand in for your teacher… 

The cutest thing EVER. I seriously cried when I read it. LOVE!

Then you showed me your "after school plan" that you wrote in your mini notebook. 

IN LOVE!!! SO CUTE. I seriously can't handle this list. 
*resp to calls if any (and Nanna DID call you tonight to see how school went, again) 
*watch transformers prime

You are too cute honey. 

I'm looking forward to more school stories over dinner tonight. 
Last night, you said you would rather miss some of your Minecraft hour to be sure you ate dinner "with the family". Ugh, he sweetness! 

Your Dad and I love you so much and are proud of you enjoying and doing so well with your second day of school.

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