A Blessed Transition

As excited as I was for whatever God was up to with all these changes, I kept in mind that my true personal feelings could turn up different once the smoke cleared. I braced myself, knowing that there was a good chance this could suck - me working in a profession I not only never considered in my life, but doing a thing I was always grateful there were "other" people available to do - walking away from a lifestyle of fully investing nearly everything into knowing and watching you while teaching and learning beside you everyday - for you to go to public school, an institution I'm quite opposed to.
There was more than enough room for turmoil.

I know we're not so far into all this, but as things have begun to take shape on this different path, I am impressed and relieved. What a fun and sweet time for us.

This morning, Greg told me that this year is my time. He told me that I have spent the last 8 years taking constant care of everyone else, and he wants me to take this year to find things that are fulfilling to me. He said to work as much or as little as I want to. And while he certainly never made me feel obligated to work, I think it is so sweet of him to say that I deserve to take this year to enjoy myself.

I DO miss school and Zeek. But knowing this is for just one year, I feel comfortable. While I am aware that not everything we are called to do is pleasant, I am grateful that we've accepted a commision so full of blessings and goodness. 

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