Feelin' it

On the way home from school tonight you told me that you like Mrs. B, but I'm your favorite teacher. I was not ever looking for such a comparison and am in no competition with anyone over you - but it did make me smile, right before I thanked you and broke it down - we're not trying to find you a better teacher. We're obeying God and letting Him work out all the ways that our public school and the teachers you have are just perfect for what you need right now in your life. 

And we see it every single day. You're growing in such leaps!

Your schedule is surely catching up to you. You were so tired last night. You went through your afternoon routine really well, until dinner time. You were a little sass-talking and a lot emotional. You said all you wanted to do was just rest. After dinner we asked you to go to your room and do your 20 mins of reading for school.

Today, Mrs. Y, your School Counselor, taught you guys about feeling safe, knowing who you can trust, and being comfortable talking with those people. Apparently you listened to her, because when you came down from reading you talked about your feelings.  

You put your hand on your chest and you said your heart hurts - that you aren't sure why, but maybe it's because you feel kind of lonely. Then you said lonely wasn't the right word, but it's something like that. You said it was hard going back to school after the weekend. You said school is a lot - and I agree. 

Your school has very excellent, high standards for you - especially being the fourth graders and eldest of the school. They expect you be good examples, helpers, and mentors to the younger students. And that is exactly why you are right where you are. You can SO do this! You have the chance to walk the walk right now. For as sure as you are that you can follow the rules, be on task, and make right choices no matter what anyone else does, your Dad and I are sure that you are a strong leader with a Mighty God on your side, you shine the Light of Jesus in a dark world, and you will surprise yourself in the ways you succeed to grow this year. 

We are already so surprised by you, everyday. 
There is no mistake in this course our life is on. God is clearly in control, and we are going to walk this out in complete Trust in Him. 

(P.S. It's hard for me too, not having you home - not teaching you this year - not learning beside you - not exploring and cuddling and having our full afternoons together to hang out. I MISS YOU TOO, love.)

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