Lego Robot Day

Your school rocks. I mean, completely and totally rocks! 

Today, five days into the school year, your entire class spent the entire day in the Gifted and Talented room, with the GT teacher, divided into teams of three, creating and programing your own original Lego Robots, and competing with them to complete certain tasks. 
I am in love.
Because learning doesn't have to happen in a traditional classroom doing routine dailies from the same desk day in and day out. 

What's even more awesome is what you told me on the way home. 

"Mom, I didn't like my team at first. But don't worry, that was only in the beginning. I ended up feeling differently. They wouldn't listen to what I wanted, and they just wanted to create their own idea without even thinking about winning. After I asked the teacher in private if I could have a different team and she said 'no' (I would have LOVED to hear that conversation) I realized that just because you might think you're ideas are amazing, and your's would be the best idea, doesn't mean that everyone else will agree and has to chose you. I mean, after all, it was two against one. So I decided that since my Dad works in computers, I would probably be great at the programming part. And that's what I did."

You also told me that your team lost in the end because of a glitch that had happened to other students too. But the OTHER teams got second chances and your team didn't. I asked you if you talked to the teacher about that, too. You said, "No mom, I'm not going to be that kid. I'm the quiet one (who asked for a different team) who does what I'm asked to do. I don't make loud noises in the halls, I don't yell in the lunch room, I'm not disrespectful like that, and I'm not going to be." 

I just love it. All of it. 
The best stuff. :) 

Get it baby.

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