Your Tenth Birthday

Last night you crawled between us and snapped your 
last photograph as a nine year old.

Within about 6 hours you turned TEN! 

You, of course, had the day off of school, 
and Daddy had taken the day off of work to enjoy the celebration with you.
We started with Festival donuts for breakfast, EARLY, per your request. 

We went to see the movie of your choice, Hotel Transylvania 2. 

We had the theater to ourselves at 9:30am.

And of course, you got to have the drink of your dreams (9am).

After the movies we went to your favorite restaurant, Moe's.
Then home again home again, for what else would you ask for… 
an afternoon of gaming!!!

It was a great day, and we can't believe you are 10! 
You're excited to be out of the single digits. 
You told me a couple of times this week how you will 
never be out of the double digits unless you reach 100 years old. 
You also told me that you feel like ten sounds SO much older.

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