a 180

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but all at once the three of us are each on a new diet.

a fave

It started with you. Long story short, in finding that my seemingly crazed three year phase of all natural organic foods, low carbs (gluten), no tap water, and vaccine waving was
not so crazy after all, I vowed that if I met one more parent with, or intermittently read one more story about, children who have been adversely effected by the results of these agents I would throw away everything we eat and go back. 

I don't know if God was trying to tell me something or if Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, glucose & dairy intolerances, and insane allergies are just this rampant, but by a landslide we are back on the wagon, grateful for one very healthy little boy in the clear thus far.

For Christmas this year we made the switch to a new, long awaited, RO water system in the house. Having that covered, my goal is to reach about 75% organic, house-wide, by the summer. I have also finally done my research and found a children's food supplement I agree with. And no, it is not a gummy bear. :)

About two days after prayer and confirmation re-enlisted organic into mission status my scale and I came to terms with the sad and scary truth; that my annual winter 5 to 7lbs of what can be passed off as insulation for an otherwise teeny summer body had added up to 12lbs for the second year in a row! SO, my full-on "dump and shovel" diet changed to nutrition and sustenance only.

And lastly, about three days into
that your Dad, who has never shook left or right off his path of chicken-cheddar-cheese-nibblers at 10pm, meat and potatoes with doubly buttered rolls, one maybe two meals and 6 cokes a day decided that he is going to learn how to take care of himself (note: BEFORE a major health issue arrises!)

Right now (6:16am) he is in the basement WORKING OUT for his third consecutive day with his coveted new weights and
heart rate monitor watch. Hello!? 
I can hear him, and it's even hurting me!

He is eating three meals a day plus snacks, and not just sporadically. He's actually doing it at certain times. Not eating for three hours before he goes to sleep

And what is he eating?
Well throw away the frozen quick meals wrapped in plastic and sealed in boxes. We're talking about food groups here. ORGANIC food groups! 
Ground turkey which he has never eaten a day in his life. Yogurt. Let me write that again. Y-o-g-u-r-t.
Egg beaters with fresh basil and cubed chicken! 
Nuts and vegetable juice!
And sit down for this... he's doing a protein drink and taking food supplements.

Miracles do happen.


Somebody pinch me, please.