zeek talk

Bring in my christmas tree box, please woman!

zeek: wouldn’t it be nice if I made a special little dinner tonight.
me: awww. It would. What would you like to make?
zeek: peanut butter and jelly with the dino cutter, and you make the taco part.
me: peanut butter and jellys in dino shapes with tacos, too!
zeek: yes. I just wanna celebrate Jesus, and you and Daddy.

I was tickling your ears, then I started to pull them a little and you said,
“mind my ears. That means don’t pull on ‘em.”

Zeek: I’m getting’ pretty hungry.
me: that’s good, cuz your Daddy is making us a tasty meal right now.
Zeek: that’s because it’s your special day and we want to do some stuff so you don’t have to do everything and you can just relax and do what you want.
me: awwww! {sniffle sniffle}

I was singing Old McDonald Had a Farm in a crazy funky rap-like way when you started yelling,

“oh yeah mama! You know how it goes! Sing it girl!”

He breathed in my face and said, “do I have halitosis?” I actually had to ask him what that was. :)


zeek: I’m going to marry you when I get bigger.

me: you are...
zeek: yea. Then I can
keep you.

Thanks for bringing the pug in. it’s just more exciting watching a pug walk around.

I called you sir, but
you’re a WOMAN!

I love you, Lora L-----.

Why is diarrhea called DIE-arrhea. Cuz you’re gonna
die soon or somethin’ like that?

mom, you know how Yuki never falls off that part? Well, that’s why she has business on there.
(translation: he has “no business” going on that part...she’s allowed, therefore, she has “business” on there.)

jaymee, i don't really want you to save your cookie, but i'm not gonna say a word cuz that's your business, not
MY business!

Tacos; cheesy, wheesy, peesy.

Tacos; oozing, poozing, woozing.

zeek: mom, what does blow up mean?

me: um, like explode. do you know what explode means?
zeek: yeah, like to pop. pshew! like that?
me: yeah. why do you ask?
zeek: because we have a button in our car that does that. i found it.
me: we do? where is it?
zeek: i don't know... be careful not to push it!

the new favorite thing to yell at me in exasperation when i want something he doesn't, or i say no about something he wants is,

"mom why do you have to make all this opposition!"
this is NOT something we say or have ever said. it's not actually completely in the right context even, but it rocks. :)

zeek: mom, can you put some of your deodorant on me?

me: no, honey. mama needs to buy some different deodorant today.
zeek: why?
me: well, this is an antiperspirant, not actually a deodorant.
zeek: what is wrong with a actor-pertinant? 
me: most antiperspirants have aluminum in them and that is not good for your body.
zeek: well then where did you get it from?
me: the store.
zeek: why would the store sell a octa-persistant if it has alumina in it!? don't they know anything!? 
me: not really, babe.

When we went to Walmart for some cards the other day Zeek said on the way inside,

"Mom, why are we at war-mart? These people don't know anything!"