dream baby

"Mom? Can I make a new library somewhere?"


When we began to recognize your heart for construction at around two years old I would ask you if you were going to build me a big beautiful house someday. Now, when I feel compelled to capitalize off of what very well could be your future in architecture or construction of some sort I quickly remember that I got my big beautiful dream house already, and you are off the hook. ;)

Last week, on the day before our vacation to Door County, you decided to fabricate your first "building". Once obtaining your permit you hauled in blankets, chairs, pillows, books, your CD player, extension chord, and books on CD. You carefully planned and laid out every intentional square inch of construction. It took you at least an hour.

the new library

"Mom, sometimes I have to just put something where I think I'm going to want it and then step back and look at it for awhile. Then I can move it to the right place. Do you ever do that?"

You are SO smart and cute and particular. :)

And your library creation meant SO much to you.
It was adorable.

You spent all morning thereafter hanging out with your pug inside the pillow walls, listening to your Mercy Watson stories, even enjoying lunch on the seat of a chair converted to a temporary table.

And then, you laid down to listen more to your story and...

That's right. You passed out for your first nap in "ages" as you would say. Talk about cute!

I took your photo and then took advantage of the rare occasion of free time.

You must have wore yourself right out with all that hard work "constructing".