Door County

"We're irresponsible and we make up plans as we go, as we've been going there long enough to have patterns just like worn spots in carpet, 
patterns that have become traditions, things you do without thinking, that feel familiar and meaningful... 
~shauna niequist in Cold Tangerines, currently my favorite book.

By the time you are grown these stories and photos of our little vacations to Door County will be sprinkled throughout our journals and memory books. It's something we love to do. It's something we have and will always make time to carve into each year of your upbringing.

This year, your Dad surprised me for my birthday and whisked us off on a much needed, four day, dc getaway. I was

Picnik collage
We did everything we always do up there in the off-season. 
We brought a big ol' stack of fresh new library picture books with us.
We lazed around and talked, played, and cuddled. 
We went for long walks.
Ate breakfast every morning at Al's. 
Went crazy at Hands On.
We ate and drank whatever and whenever we wanted.
Watched movies at night.
Took far too many whirlpool baths.
Took family photographs at a water's edge.
Drove up down and all around.
Longingly watched every time we passed our favorite ice cream store reading, "closed for the season"...

collage pure. true. love.

"'we've got to take the time right now because there's nothing more important that this'" ~S.N.


And we did just that.