Christmas 2011

Just like our Thanksgiving, this years Christmas went on and on for days!

First, we celebrated Christmas with your Great Grandma, Gigi, 
at her place on Saturday.

You saw Santa, but would have nothing to do with him 
on account of your theory that all Santas have terrible breath. :)

We ate and hung out with family while you and Michael 
enjoyed some play time together. 

Tuesday, you spent the day at Nanna and Pupa's house. 
They made delicious cookies with you, and you opened your gifts from them.

Wednesday, we played with the remote control bumper cars 
you got from Nanna and Pupa, and we packed our bags for our NC trip, 
knowing that we would have little time before we left.

Thursday, we dropped the dogs off at Uncle Jeff's Dog Center. 

Then you and I spent most of the day at Uncle Ron and Aunt Sue's house. 
Natalie was also there on her first Christmas break from college. 
It was such a nice time, as always. 
Aunt Sue spoiled us with snacks, food, and even freshly squeezed juice. 
Uncle Ron spoiled us, too. 
You opened a couple of your gifts while we were there, 
and then we took the rest home to put under our tree.

Thursday afternoon was our "Christmas Eve". 

The four of us rode around and looked at Christmas lights.

Then we returned home to snack and open the gifts 
under the tree from family and one to another.

Friday morning, we were up and early on our way. 
We drove to Milwaukee and flew to NC, lickety split! 
We were settled and in the hot tub by about 3p their time. :)

Saturday was the real Christmas Eve, and we had snacks and opened gifts. 
You got lots of cool presents that you could use at Gra's house. 
Science experiments, cars, paints, books, movies, etc...

It was a good family bonding night. 
After we opened gifts we all cuddled on the couch 
to watch the video you worked so hard to make for your gift to family. 
It was SO good and funny. 
Your cooking shows, commercials, infomercials, public service announcements,
and songs made for some great entertainment!

Then we sat together while you read us the book 
that Gra made you of our last visit here.
Gra was amazed at how well you read. :)

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and broke into Gra's 
amazing homemade carrot cake (which you helped make).

Sunday morning, we all went to church together. 
Then we made another Thanksgiving feast! 
Pepere deep fried the turkey, you shaved the carrots, 

Sarita skinned the potatoes, and you cut them up. 
Gra did all the rest. :)

There were so many celebrations. 
So many days and events of feasting and gift exchange, 
Christmas music, and warm gatherings with our closest friends and family. 
I couldn't have hoped for a better way to commemorate 
the sacrifice God made in sending His Son as a baby for all of us. 

It was a Merry Merry Christmas!!! :)

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