NC Winter '11: Part Two

 On Christmas Eve you and Gra made carrot cake for Jesus' Birthday.


We gathered around to open gifts and spend family time.

You got LOTS of fun gifts. 
Cool things you could use at Gra and Pepere's house while we're here.

You read us the book Gra made for you from our last visit,
and we watched the TV show you made as your gift to family. 

Much to my surprise, I got an American Girl Doll from Gra.
You are quite pleased about this because now
Lucy and Jay's doll, Lilly, have a new friend to play with.

You and your Dad and Gra couldn't wait to get to the science experiments.

You created and played with goo, slime and boogers (or whatever)
until you were green and the face and had
"a funny feeling in the back of your throat".

Gra thought it would be fun if you puked, but your Mom put the stop to it all.
You're welcome. :)

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