A Marvelous Monday!

On Monday we went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

You got to pretend you were in a pit crew. 

AND drive a race car simulator in a real race car with your Dad!

We all had fun and enjoyed seeing the cool race cars, old and new. 

By the end of our tour you were SO tired and crabby 
that Gra had to leak the secret surprise to us so that we could
nap you, or you would have never stayed up long enough to

Jada and Kaila showed up AFTER your nap that afternoon
to surprise us with their Mom and Dad, Robin and Duece
AND their new baby brother, Leo! :)

EVERYONE was thrilled to be together!

You and these two girls just happen to get along famously.

You can't get enough of each other!
You even slept in Gra's living room with them.
I loved giving you permission to stay up as late as you could
watching movies and eating snacks with your cousins!
Something we rarely get to enjoy. 

I'm so glad you have these few memories 
of fun days with Jada and Kaila. 

The Mama's are working on a plan for more in the near future! :)

1 comment:

  1. In every picture of Zeek with Jada and Kaila you can tell by the smile on his face he is IN LOVE! Sooooooo cute and refreshing. I loved the whole visit but this part really warmed my heart... :)
    It was good to have FAMILY around and see them together!
    Thanks again for coming and sharing your Christmas celebration time with us!