The House

Last week we went to Michael's Craft Store for something or other. 
We found these on sale for $10: 

(pic from internet)

You wanted one SO badly. And so we bought one. 

We assembled it together, and you began to color the outside. 

Six days later we've put on another $10 addition to your house, 
and you haven't been seen other than to ask for food, go potty, change clothing,
and... well, I was going to say shower, but come to think of it, I don't believe
you've done that since the house was built. Yikes!

You have literally moved into this house. 
You have your art supplies, books, CD player, books on CD, 
the camping lantern you Dad bought you, 
your Ipad hanging like a TV for movie watching, and your bedding 
all crammed into this little 6'x 3' box. 
We've even attached a mailbox to the outside, which you use everyday. 

I'm not entirely sure what this fulfills for you, but you have never been happier.
You even SLEEP in this thing at night! Which is a miracle. 
You haven't been in your bedroom in days. 
There are probably dead fish and hamsters everywhere in there! :)

I'm doing everything I can not to run out to Home Depot and buy 
all that we would need to make this house thing 
a more awesome more permanent play place for you. 

I keep reminding myself of the things that I always tell your Dad 
about kids not needing "the best, coolest, most expensive things". 
And that I believe it's better for you to live without than to have everything.

I don't know how much longer I can hold onto those week and 
quickly fading ideals! 
Christmas is just SO near!!!

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