A Good Sunday

Today was fun. 
I went to church myself this morning. You and your Dad made pancakes, had breakfast together, and played. You were racing matchbox cars when I returned. 

Then, your Dad met with his friends in town for the Packer game. Your neighbor friend Henry, came over to play for awhile. When the game started, we decided to pack up the toys you were using in a suitcase, bag your pb&j sandwiches, and head over to Hen's house. I watched the game with Bill and Teri while you and Hen played some more. 

This was the first in 20 consecutive game that the Packers lost. It was hard to watch, but eventually had to happen. 

After the game we returned home to Sarita watching movies on her own (for the first time) in the living room. She was just starting her second show, "Pirates of the Caribbean", and so I decided to take you out to see one of the many fun and cute looking kids' movies in the theater. We saw "Arnold Christmas". It was cute. 

Then we went to the mall to do some Packer blues retail therapy. It was so much fun. I got a new jacket and some great shoes. You helped me pick out LOTS of soaps and hand sanitizers at the big sale. We bought a few Christmas gifts, and you got a couple scarves and some gloves. You were so sweet and fun to shop with. I love spending time with you. 

When we got home it was 8pm. Your Daddy caught us up to speed, as a friend of mine had stopped out to pick something up. She dropped off a letter for you in the mailbox of your wooden house. SO sweet. 

Also, someone special in your life came over unexpectedly and dropped off a custom little mattress and sheets for your house, and an AWESOME kid's packer recliner. You were SO excited!!! You called to thank him, and you talked to him on the phone for a long time. I'm sure you each made one another's day. 

Now you are in your house, on your new bed, being read to sleep by your Dad. I am about to take a shower and get into my new snuggly Aeropostale jammies. Your Dad and I have eating, snuggling, and show watching to do. I am also going to be using my Christmas gift from you and him; the massage chair that finally came in tonight!!! 

What a great day we've been blessed with. 
I can't wait for tomorrow! :)

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