Count Down to Gra's

The gifts for tomorrow night are wrapped and tucked under the tree. 

I love watching you sniff around, feeling and shaking your packages, trying to guess what is in each one. Asking us, as if we might tell. 

The dogs are all set to go to Uncle Jeff's tomorrow. Our gifts for friends and family are all ready to be dropped off, too. 

Tomorrow night we will heat blankets, climb in the jeep in our jammys, stop for our milk shakes and french fries, and drive around looking at lights. Then we will come home for you and Sarita to open your gifts.

Then to sleep early enough to rise early and be on our way!

Our bags have been packed for days. 
You keep begging me that we could leave sooner. 

We can not wait to head out for Gra and Pepere's house in just TWO mornings!!! 

A Merry Merry Christmas it WILL be! :)

1 comment:

  1. i know you'll have a wonderful time away. i'm so glad you get to be with your mama over Christmas. the BEST gift. i received your little surprise in the mail just yesterday. thank you, thank you, thank you. just the title and the front cover already have me giggling. love you.