The House

Just as I suspected when I wrote the last post, 
I wasn't able to hold back from building a stronger, better, 
cooler playhouse than the cardboard one you were living in. 

At first it was just a dream. Then we drew some ideas on paper. 
Then we worked out the measurements, just to see... 
Finally, we made a small scale model of the house out of cardboard 
to see if it could really be done. 

Thursday morning, we did some internet research 
to choose what type of wood we "wood" use. 
Then we made our list and headed out to Home Depot. 

We got the plywood, 14 hinges, door handle, two wooden knobs, 
8 feet of chain, hooks, magnets, wood screws, lights, batteries, 
a small mailbox, and even a new set of blades for mama's skill saw. :)

We hauled it all home and got to building. 

Sarita came home from school and joined us. 
She's quite the little builder herself! 

We did it all right in the living room, since we're having 
new floors put in next month anyway. And it was warm. 

It was a great learning experience for all of us. 
There was laughing, and crying. Thankfully no one got hurt. 
We bonded and brainstormed and built a house together!!! 

The house is awesome. It's 6' long 3.5' wide, and 3.5' tall. 
It has a long window with a homemade curtain 
from a cat fabric you picked out at Joanne's. :) 

There are two fold up table/shelves. 

They are held to the wall by magnet closers, 
and they hang down on hinges and mini swing set chain (SO cute). 
They have wooden knobs to pull them down. 

There are glow-in-the-dark stars on the flat ceiling, 
a place to hang your Ipad for movie watching, 
and a wooden crate on the wall to hold toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, etc... 

There are four battery powered light sconces on the walls 
along with your camping lantern. 
You have your CD player, books, art, and toys all moved in already. 

The best part about the house is that the roof is easily detached 
and the whole house is hinged at the corners so that 
it can be completely flattened and moved into any room in the house! :)  

Last night you slept in it for the first time. 
It is temporarily in the living room until the end of the weekend. 
We will move it to the bridge upstairs until January 1, 
and then we will bring it to your bed room, for good.

Here is the house tour video you made this morning:

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  1. I can't even stand how smart this is and what a supportive amazing mom you are! Great job, L!!!