A Big Thursday

Today, you and I went to the weidner center to see a Berenstien Bears play. It was SO cute. After the play we went to Cousin Michael's school where Nana picked you and Michael up. She took you to lunch and to Appleton to see a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. After that, you went back to her place for a sleep over. 

When I spoke with you at 6:30p, you had played football outdoors, taken a bath, eaten dinner and were about to watch a movie and have a slumber party in the living room with Cousin. :) 

Such a big fun day for you! 

I rode Gwin, baked, went to a fellowship meeting at the Ps' house, and am now home to unwind with a good movie and a warm Frank. 

You will be home at 9:30a. I can't wait to see your cuteness! 

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