Spark Fredo Elf - Night One

You're letter to Sparky must have been quite convincing, 
because he agreed it was a great idea to start the fun a few days early. 
I think he was just as excited as you were.

This morning we found him in A NEW CHRISTMAS TREE in your room. 

He had a big needle and a tiny ball of yarn he must have used 
to stitch the hooks to TONS of new cat toys 
for you to decorate the tree with. 

There were also three strands of colored lights just waiting to be strung up. 
He even brought you a candy cane! 

What great fun! 

You loved starting your morning with a little tree trimming.

Your new tree is a nice upgrade to the 1.5 foot tree 
you've been using in your room for years. 

I really like this Elf business. 
Even I can't wait to get to sleep tonight 
so I can see what he has in store for us you tomorrow morning! 

Happy sleeping, little one.

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