Monday Monday

Today we did school. You only have three days of school this week, but we will be doing assessment testing during those three days, so we are taking it easy. We are focussing mainly on history, because it is Thanksgiving week, and your history happens to have us lined up perfectly with the very first Thanksgiving in America. 

You finished your second grade spelling program two weeks ago, and we are in the second week of your third grade program. We switched to Excellence in Spelling, and it is TOUGH. But I love it, and you did amazing for the first week. As always, I'm learning all kinds of things I never knew. 

After school you had your meeting with your counselor. You were pleased as punch when your hour was over and you came out to present your homework for the week. :) So cute. 
You are gaining so much from all of this. And although, you have your struggles sometimes feeling different or unusual, you really are so amazing and smart. Your counselor and I agree that there is no way you could have gotten yourself to the place you are if your mind wasn't extraordinary. I wish you could see that. 

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed that I'm the one who's responsible for someone like you. And then I remind myself that God is the One doing all of this, and He is the One taking care of you, even in the many places I fail.

After counseling we went to pick out some fun decorations for the deck. I promised you that we could "deck" the deck for Christmas this year. 

We have lights, a moving deer, and a giant inflatable penguin family of three... you, me and your Dad. So sweet. We will probably put one of our artificial Christmas trees out there with lots of lights, too! 

When we got home from the store we got in our jams, threw our blankets in the dryer to heat them up, made dinner, and brought it all to my bed for our Monday night movie. We ended up renting the last of the Narnia series. It was good, but I'm really just in this for the snuggling, and that was out of this world! 

It's been super nice out lately, for mid-november, and tomorrow is sporting a high of 54 degrees. I'm thinking it will be the perfect weather to get the decking. Can't wait! :) 

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