The Decked Deck

I'm a little behind on this post. 
We decked the deck awhile ago, but I hadn't taken pictures, 
so... no blogging without the best part.  

I can't believe it took us so long to think of decorating the deck for you. 

The whole back of the house is windows, 
so you can see it all from almost everywhere in the house. 

It was so fun to pick out all the stuff and set it up with you. 
And everything plugs right into the screen room, so until I get a timer set up for it all, 
we don't even have to freeze to start and stop the show.

I especially love the penguin family we picked out. 
A mommy, daddy and son. Just like us.

You love your deer with the moving head. 
And we were able to put our two extra artificial trees to good use. 

You're a little nervous these days to play on the ground level in the yard 
because of the neighbor dog's recent terrorist visit, again,
but if I block off the stairs so your dogs can't go down and Zeus can't come up, 
you will play on the deck for hours. 
Good thing it's a big deck. :)

It's cute to see you out there among your little winter wonder land, 
making snowmen, and eating snow with your pups.

It's super sweet to see you and your Apple watching the
scene from the windows at night, too. :)

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