Cat Condo - Check!

I took this last week away from the computer. 
THANKFULLY, finally, it was so hard not to be able to write here for you. 
I think I've actually gotten my blogging groove back. 

We really didn't have anything super cool happen this week. 
We stayed at our friends' house up the way. 
They went to Belize for the week and left their dogs and teenagers to us. 
We mostly just spent the afternoons and nights there, 
returning to our house once the kids were off to school in the mornings. 

We did mix up our own school schedule a little. 
Rather than doing each of the five main classes once a day, 
we did a weeks worth of only one class each day. 
For example, Monday was an all Science day, Tuesday, all Language Arts, etc... 
I loved it. 
You didn't understand why it didn't amount to you earning a week off of school. ??? 

The highlight of your week was most definitely the awaited arrival of your dream cat condo. 

Yes, you really got it!!! And you paid for it with your own money 
(your Dad and I agreed to pay the shipping cost for you). 
It is awesome, and Mea loves it almost as much as you do.

Frank is SO nearly entirely potty trained, 
I cut the knuckle on my right hand into a flap with a mandoline, 
and Christmas plans, decorations and music are fast filling up the space that 
should be dedicated to Thanksgiving. 
hot cocoa,
and even SNOW...
I can not wait!

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  1. THAT is a cool cat tree! Wow, Stella would have liked that and used it for safety too! I would like to see how Zeek draws something like that with his new dimentional type drawing these days. :)
    Love you guys, thanks for skyping the missing front tooth!