Elf - Night Two

This morning, we woke up to find Mr. Spark Fredo the Elf
sitting at the kitchen table...

mid-game with some of his new house pals.

Of course, none of them were moving anymore,

but it was pretty clear to see what kind of moving they had done 
throughout the night, playing Payday.

Sparky was winning by a long shot.
It looked like one of his friends was beaming him
with his Cheerio snacks.

Another one of his friends was making a big crumbly mess of his own.

You and I cleaned things up, 
and then helped ourselves to a game,

and some leftover snacks.

You're letters to Elf each night have been adorable. 
I will have to copy them and post them here, too. 

So happy about this Elf stuff.

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