Elf on a Shelf

Today, we did school early. 
Then we went to the Weidner Center Theater to see the play Frindle. 
We just bought the book and the audio version, 
and listened to the story yesterday. 
It's a great tale, but honestly, I fell asleep during the reading, and the play...
I guess I'm more tired than I thought. :) 

After the play, we went to the Olive Garden, per your request. 
You enjoyed your usual spaghetti sandwiches. 

Then we went to Cold Stone for some desert. 
It's been a while. 

After Cold Stone we headed to Target for a few little odds and ends, 
but most importantly, our Elf on a Shelf! 
With everything you have been through in these past six months, 
we feel it is high time you indulge in some pure, unadulterated, 
all out, good old fashioned, seven year old kid fun! 

And so we are doing the Elf on a Shelf 
for the first time in any of our lives. 
Apparently, it's an age old "tradition". 
I think it might be something a little newer 
that's just being marketed that way. 
But whatever it is, it's cute, entertaining, whimsical, 
festive, and really super fun! 

Of course, we knew you wouldn't be into the whole 
"the elf goes to the north pole each night to tell santa 
if the kids in the house were naughty or nice that day", 
since we don't do santa. 
And since we don't need to make up a reason 
why you should behave better, 
we made up our own rules to the Elf on a Shelf.

I told you that you would be adopting an elf- 
that everything about him was going to be just pretend,
 like when we play in the woods, 
and we are NOT to talk about it any other way once we found our elf. 

I explained that we never know what kind of elf we will get. 
He could be sneaky, silly, giving, naughty, etc... or any combination. 
I told you that he will not move in front of you, 
but he will know it the minute you are sleeping, 
and only during those times he will move on his own.

I said that each morning you will wake up 
and find things he has done in the night, 
and you will even find him with a gift, a message, a treat, a project, 
or sometimes a big mess for you to clean up! :)

You were hesitant about the whole thing at first (no surprise), 
but we don't care. 
We are going to go all out and just make sure that 
you get comfy being a kid, and enjoying this 
fun little treat throughout December. 

So at the store, you picked out your elf. 
You named him yourself: Spark Fredo. 
And I was happy to see that you really were kind of excited. 

Right before you went to bed you begged that we would 
PLEASE let Spark Fredo Elf start moving before December 1st. 
You wanted to begin the excitement immediately. 
I explained that it was none of our business. 
The rules are the rules, and you would have to talk to Spark about it. 

You went running into the living room, pulled the Elf off the shelf 
and whispered in his face. 
Then you hugged him and put him back on the shelf. 
It was adorable. 

I remembered what the woman in the store told us 
about how here kids write to their elf all the time. 
And I reminded you that it might be a good way 
to communicate with Spark Fredo, 
just incase he can't hear when you aren't sleeping. 

You wrote him a big long letter asking him to start NOW, 
and giving him instructions on just what you wanted him to do. 

After I read to you and tucked you in tonight, 
you pulled me in and said, "Mom... I love you." 
(this is the first time you have said those words at all in a very long time) 
I cried, thanked and congratulated you on breaking through. 
You smiled and said, "well, I do." 

I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure I've heard some 
tiny elf-like clunking around the house since I climbed in bed to write this post. 
I sure hope Spark Fredo decided to start his mischef making 
a couple days early after all! :)       
I can't wait to find out!

I love you, too, 
my sweet seven year old boy.

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