all i need

"They said, united states of america. That’s where I live. I’m grateful to know where I live! Awesome!"
I've often described our new home as not mine, needing to be empty and free of belongings for a time, calling to minimalism... the place in which I've toggled mornings between being awe struck by the fulfillment of God's incredible Promise and what is to come, and wondering if this is the day we pack our bags, clean the rental resort, and head back to our real place.      

During these first several months we've lived here I have felt God making it very clear that this place is His.
For this reason I just couldn't/didn't/wouldn't put my mark on it. Keeping it simple and almost untouched was exactly what I've wanted and needed since we set foot in the door.

Today is different.
Today, I feel like an new season of our lives has begun (PRAISE GOD) and it is time. It's time to make our mark and put our hearts into warming our home up.
Today I have begun the work of making something here. Making my home of this place. Making it us.
And it feel so good.

Thank you, Father, for Your guidance and faithfulness. For showing me just what I was doing in my heart being discontent with ALL that you have Blessed me with...wanting more than the sweet honey of your manna each day.
And thank You for challenging me to rise up and adhere myself to a new standard. To LIVE again.
I love You.