another one

"Mom, I know why God didn't give you as much energy as me. Because you don't go to sleep when little boys go to sleep."

Today was so good. Again.

Jay slept over. and I feel like something has clicked back into place with her in our lives. Like it's high time that I make a better point of her being a part of us. It was so good to see and hear her and Zeek together. They are so close.
We agreed with Julie and Kevin at the end of her visit that from now on we will pick her up from school every other Friday so she can sleep over and spend those Saturdays with us. She asked us by the fire this afternoon, and it couldn't have been at a better time.

This morning I took Zeek and Jay to a couple of pumpkin places. The first one was a bust, not to mention it was FREEZING. The second hit the jackpot. SO cute and inexpensive and fun. We enjoyed it, had cookies and  juice, and i bought a pumpkin muffin i can't wait to enjoy during some Mama time, soon! :)


When we came back home Greg wanted to have a big fire. So we headed back outside. Jay and I picked up all the sticks in the yard- the part we maintain anyway. She was SO much help.

It's so funny how much I hated picking up sticks for my parents when I was a kid. And we didn't even live in the woods! Now it is my favorite thing to do. It's so refreshing. The woods, the exercise, sunshine, endorphins, feeling of accomplishment, and fire. What could be better?

After we all played outside and enjoyed the fire Jay went home and Zeek and I went across the street to Teri's and Bill's to visit the cats and Henry.
We had a wonderful visit there, as always. They sent us home with pears from their land. They are always giving us things and I need to think of something I can do for her in return. She is really so so sweet. We're blessed to have them for neighbors.

I put the pumpkins and corn stalks out in the front yard, photographed a little, and headed in to make pear sauce with Zeek. His idea. :)

I cleaned up, cooked a Digorno pizza and watched 90210 while Zeek ate and played Booah an Kawala. He was missing them after such an action packed day.

Now,  I am ready to read him to sleep and hit the hay myself. I could really use the extra energy. ;)