Em's visit

Today, Emily came to the house for the first time. She took Theo and Rubin. I met Rubin for the first time. Theo and Zeek played very well, as always.

Zeek hated Rubin because he is a baby, as always. And Emily and I had a really good time together with our boys.

Rubin is stunning. Really something. He's adorable in his pictures, but MAN is he great live. Adorable, sweet, and something I can't quite put into words. Something older than us, maybe. Wise, or kind of like Will from across the street. You can just see what kind of stellar grown men they will be. They almost are, already somehow.

Anyway, I forget what a one year old is like. Not to mention this one walks all over the place like he's been doing it for years.

It was a good visit. And watching Zeek with Theo, I felt sorry for about the thousandth time in the past 2.5 years, incredibly sorry that my son doesn't have a sibling. I'm beginning to wonder if this feeling will ever go away. It seems like the farther away I get from making it possible in ages anyway, the worse I feel.
God guide us. And heal us. And GIVE us the desires of Your heart for our lives and family.