the cheshire cat

Today was the production of Zeek's first play!!!
He has been going to practice every week on Thursday mornings for six weeks, and today was the big show.

He had a few roles, just like everyone else in the play. His favorite being the Cheshire Cat. He also played tweedledum and card #2.

During practices the kids made their own props. the were so cute. :)

Zeek practiced his lines almost every day at home. He was SO good at them.
I tried to prepare him for "the audience", but there was really no way around the initial shock.
After his first scene (during which he really didn't say his parts) he did better and better.

Greg, Nanna, and Puppa came to watch the play, too. Greg and I gave Zeek a whole bag of Skittles and a new monster truck hot wheel.
I videotaped the show and of course, took photos.

We are SO proud of him. He was such a big boy. He did so well. We'll see if he wants to do a play again in the future. It was so good for him on so many levels.