amber and hudson time

Amber and Hudson came from Florida for a visit. Amber likes to come to Wisconsin during autumn because she likes the leaves changing colors and falling (something they don't see much of where they live). This was the second time she has been here with us and the first time that she took someone with her.

Hudson is her youngest child who was four while they were here and turned five years old yesterday. Zeek really liked having him here. We could tell he was a little confused, possibly wondering if Hudson was a new foster child who would be staying when his mother left for home. But once we cleared that up for him, he LOVED having Hudson around.

They played legos, made playdough and lost themselves in it for hours, raced cars, explored the land, jumped in leaves, took a walk with us, took turns on the drums and guitar, watched Kipper, and just all around had a good time together. It was nice.

We are looking forward to seeing Hudson again when Amber comes back!
Zeek even said, the morning they flew home, that he would have liked for Hudson to live with us. :)