summer lovin'

Things I am reminded of and am looking forward to everywhere I turn:

Nights on the deck alone with God, my laptop, the animals in the woods, the moths.

Nights on the deck with a good friend, delivery from Annavia's, card games, secrets and laughter.

Bond-fires during all hours, morning, noon and night.

hot dogs. marshmallows. smores. soda. texas garlic toast. sippy cups. kalbasa fried with apples and onions.

Exploring. Exploring. Exploring.

the hole digger. the shovel. the forts. the moss. the rocks.

The sandbox villages.

The birds nests.


The walks.

cameras. horses. birds. barn. woods. fields. plants. the yellow Vs. returning to this house.

Lawn work.

The look and feel of finished lawn work.
green grass. cleared beds. little flowers. beautiful textures between lawn and woods. black top.



Green. Green. Green. EVERYWHERE.

Deer and wild turkey.

Marty pool.
sun sitting. snacking with a journal and a drink. zippy splashing and squealing with giggles.

Lunches on the deck.

Bible mornings on the deck.
bird sounds. sun rises. cows mooing. turkey spotting.

waking up with the wild.

The tire swing.

Hammock time.

reading. cuddling. watching.

Friends over.

fire works. bond-fires. grilling out. screened room mama time. t-ball and bicycles.  

song. surprise. front door watchman. flat and dry. yuki chews.

All sliding glass doors and kitchen windows open.

Picking raspberries.

Walking sticks.

Neighboring bonfire smells.

This place makes winters easier & summers better to look forward to.

(posted last month today, without pics)