You woke up with dinos on the mind again. I was enjoying listening to you. I was watching your four year old-ness, breathing it in, eating it up, knowing it will be gone before I know it.
You really wish that you had been around when dinosaurs were here, and you wonder if we might be fibbing for your protection... as if there might be a dinosaur around the corner. You claim that you saw one once (confusing dreams with reality I'm sure). And again this morning you asked why you weren't here when dinosaurs were.

It's funny, your Dad wants to live in the far future of technology and you want to go backwards (like me).

I explained to you that if it had been a time for us (the dinosaur time) then we we would have been there. I suggested that God was protecting us by not putting us together with giant creatures, half of which would have considered us a tasty snack.

I was beginning to explain to you the reason I believe God allowed a jurassic period of which there is very little biblical reference to; why area for doubt is so important to our Faith.
I asked, "you know that I'm real. why?" You replied, "because I'm looking at you, you're right here".
I asked, "how do you know God is real?" And then just as plainly you said, "because I look at Him every day." You looked up and said, "see, like right now I'm looking at Him. He's everywhere." and you smiled.
and that was the end of that conversation.

He has brought you a long way in Him, little guy.
Thank God.