With spring around the corner (please) it was time for the christmas reindeer canvas to take it's place in the basement storage with the rest of our seasonal art work. 

After some brainstorming I decided to make a convertible art piece for above the living room couch. You decided that this time around the art would feature robots!
(You make an adorable robot.)

We started out mixing paint to make colors. Why is it that I can't ever settle with a color as-is? I'm always mixing and re-making even the wall colors in the house. 
Once we had the right colors, I taped off crooked squares while you painted each color onto the canvas. 

Next, we made quite a mess laying out supplies, drop cloths, papers and inspirations. Then we began painting robots onto 12"x12" card stock paper. It took me the entire time to make just one robot. Meanwhile, you had made more than we even needed with props to boot! :)

It was so fun to work side-by-side sprawled out on the floor, with pandora shooting out everything from "Jesus, lover of my soul" to "if you liked it then you shoulda' put a ring on it", laughing and talking and sharing creative time together.

And when it was all finished we chose which pieces to use, cut them out, haggled over what would go in which crooked square, and finally hung them with double sided tape and glue. Wa-la!

Convertible art.

And the colors are quite nice if I do say so myself. :)