At the beginning of the week we went to see Charlotte's Web at the Weidner. We bought tickets for a school-day showing as homeschoolers, therefore were seated with a bunch of area homeschool families.

(this is not my photo)

It was great. The excitement and camaraderie around being like minded, of the same lifestyles, priorities, goals... it was very cool. We were all extra early, of course. I think that's a homeschooler thing, too. And there was SO much introducing, questions and answers back and forth, the nods and smiles and belonging. It was positively nerdy. :)

During our "visitation time" we were invited to a co-op for kindergarten/first grade. I was so excited (and prayerful that we weren't walking in on a cult). We exchanged information and planned our first Friday to be the end of this week.

The play was AWESOME! 

We received the e-mail confirming our invite along with a list of supplies you would need to bring and the schedule for the day:
10 am – Spanish
10:30 am – Art
11 am – Gym
11:30 am – Lunch
12 – Music

12:30 – Free Play

Thursday evening I put together all your supplies in your Diego backpack. I packed us each a special school lunch (no, the nerdy-ness has not yet subsided) and I got your clothes ready for the morning. 

We arrived nice and early along with the other four homeschool families. Got settled in and we were off. 

Spanish rocked. You learned to count from one to five on your own (and you even remembered it at the dinner table for Daddy tonight). A big feat for a kid who doesn't watch Dora. :)

Then art, where you learned about indicating movement through lines in your drawings.
(in art the teacher asked if anyone knew what a noun was. there was a six year old and a ten year old in the room who had no idea. i knew you knew but wasn't sure you'd say, and i didn't want to be one of THOSE moms. :) finally, you looked at your teacher and said, "person, place or thing". She was SO shocked. i was beaming!) 

Gym was full of exercise and large group cooperative play. 
Lunch was a big social feast between conglomerating teachers and giggling students. 
In music you learned what notes are, and you got to listen to some music and draw the way you felt it sounded. 

You did SO well, which I believe we can thank your play-school experience for. You didn't mind if I came and went from any classes. You even went to you music class on your own with out me. 

You said that you liked it very much and would like to do it again. I agree and can't wait for next Friday! :)

I'm so grateful that God is leading us right to just what you need on this path.
I'm loving this season.
I always love a social season of scheduled plans and dates with friends just as much as I love our introverted homebody seasons.