lovin' that Nanna

You have been spending a lot of time with your Nanna lately. You sent her a letter last week. You knew exactly what you wanted to say to her when we sat down for Monday mail making, and you got right to it without hesitation. The letter read:

Dear Nanna,
We are getting a cat if you don't come over.
Love, Zeek

Nanna is very allergic to cats, and she knew what was good for her. She came right over! :)
You were so happy to have her at your house all to yourself to show her your toys, new cd player, and Guinea. She played upstairs with you for hours! Then right before the two of you slipped out to head to her place for awhile, I stole a few photographs of you together.

They are not only my all time favorite of her and you, but they are her favorite pictures of herself as well.  She does look SUPER cute in them. :)

You also spent the day and night at her house on Sunday, and you and I hung out with her for a few hours Monday morning when I came to pick you up. It was wonderful.

On Friday, after your co-op you are going over to her place to play with cousin Michael. You might even sleep over again, but we'll have to see. Mama is going out of town for the day Saturday and I'm not sure if I can handle living without you for that long!!! :)

I'm sure glad you have your Nanna though. You are so blessed!