the things you come up with:

“Hilariously, (Yuki) is just looking for more food.”

“where did you take that ball, pug? Oh, it appears to be under here.”

The NEXT day still:

“come on pug, show me where the ball is. I’m not gonna give you a belly rub if you don’t show me where the ball is.”

me: I am ready for this snow to melt.
you: not me. I love the snow.
me: I would like some summer.
you: well, don’t tell God that, cuz I want winter to stay!

nanna:  That is called a hot air balloon.
you:  I know that.
nanna:  Boy, you know everything.
you:  No.  God does.  It just seems like I do.

During math this morning I noticed that you knew there were six or eight objects in stacked rows of three and four without counting them. I covered your page when you identified six without counting again, and I asked 

“how you do know that is six without counting it?” 
You responded, “if you add the top three to the bottom three you know that’s six, right Mom?”
All I could do was cry. I don't know how you can know that already? I’m so happy for you that you are establishing such a strong relationship with numbers so early. I didn’t
know numbers until I was an adult. You are going to be so fun to teach! :)

After taking your first bite of our fresh warm cinnamon streusel
muffins you exclaimed, “this is exquisite!”. 

I asked your Dad if he could put the milk away for me. I said, “I forgot... like a boob.” Then I realized you were within earshot and I cringed in your direction, ashamed for calling myself a “boob” in front of you. A frozen moment passed and then you broke the silence squeaking, “awk-waaard!” 

Your Dad fittingly stated, "he fits in just perfectly around here."

And you certainly do my little sweet. You are quick, witty silly, and fun... just to name a few.