family bowling

We went bowling last weekend on Sunday morning. We wanted to get out and do something, and since you loved it so much a few weeks ago on our date day we thought it would be fun to do again.

You showed your Daddy your true colors with your little disgruntled faces and stomping disposition when the ball didn't do what you wanted it to. He tried to work you out of it. I just sat back knowing that you'd change over soon enough on your own. It always takes you a minute to realize that no one is expecting the world of you (more on that later).

You bowled just one point under my score!

And your Dad kicked both of our butts, of course. 

After bowling we had lunch.

When we go out to eat, which we do often, you never want to sit by me anymore. You always want to sit on Daddy's side. 
This works well for me since I can see my two favorite guys, take all pictures I want, and I get a break to eat in peace on my own side of the booth. :)

I love my alone time with you, but weekends with just me, you and your Daddy, are my all time favorite. :)