I'm learning that a first child, and an only child, will have more of a perfectionist perspective. And then you have my genes thrown in there and I'm sorry to say, we have our work cut out for us. :)

You are doing great at verbal affirmations and believing what you say. You have no problem repeating (it's more like team pep-chanting now) the things I have been working on with you. 

We say:
I am good.
I am special.
I am important.
I am worthy.
I can not be perfect. No one is perfect.
All I have to do is my best.

We read Bible verses about how you were created, for what, and who you are to God, your creator. You are learning about the power and strength you have in you from Him. How important it is to make choices to love and serve others in a Christ-like way... that people can experience God's love through the way others love them.

All of this has brought about change in you. You are bolder and less apprehensive or skeptical when it comes to new people. You are comfortable leading and trusting your instincts. You have been stepping out. You LOVE going places now. You can't wait to visit Auntie Pam's, Miss Kelly's, or go on a playdate with Noah and Jordan. And you even PLAY with the kids like a regular kid! :)

We're grateful for these changes and so proud of you. It's so fun to watch you grow and amazing to see the ways that God interacts and participates in your upbringing.

SUCH a Blessing! :)