best girl

"You know mom, if I could just own her... like, to keep her forever, that would make me the happiest."

Oh, don't we know it!

She has, hands down, always been your favorite play pal,
number one sleep-over comrade, the shiniest glimmer in your eye,
 most talked about, asked begged for, BEST friend/sister in the whole universe. 
And she kinda likes you, too. ;)

During one of her most recent visits, 
the two of you geared up to head outside to play in the snow.

I just stood out of the way and watched the two of you fill hours with fun.

I remembered how much Uncle Tony and I loved playing in the snow 
together when were were kids.

Finally, we had some good snowman making snow!
I thought you would need my help, but all you needed was supplies.
You two are both getting SO big!!!

I was a little perplexed when I saw you stick what appeared to be horns
in the forehead of your snowman's face...

until I heard you yell,
"Mom! Look at our triceratops!!!"

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