door county jan '11

We can't getaway enough this cold cold winter.

As much as we appreciated the accommodations at High Point last month, 
we were so much more comfortable and cozy tucked into 
our family's condo, where we have stored up year after year of memories.

We had a fantastic four days away, together, 
basking in our usual dc winter activities and favorites. 

As always, you loved Al's and PC Junction with its meals, deserts, 
and bubble blowing delivery on their adorable electric train.

We busted through A LOT of books, again, including a new-to-us novel.

And hands down, the thing we did THE MOST of was playing games. 
You are definitely Mama's (and Gra's) boy. 
You could play games all day, every day. 
Finally, your Daddy is being sucked in to the game madness after-all.

i love it

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