zeek talk:

you: i only like to go into the basement alone if i am playing xbox.
your dad: and why do you think that is?
you: because my thoughts are on "hot wheels beat that" instead of the scary things.
your dad: what are the scary things?
you: well, all kinds of things... like t-rex, spinosaurus, meat eaters...'cuz you know i'm meat, right!

*********************************** Organic Pug ************************************

You squirrel around in the kitchen, readying your bowl of breakfast. I push the button to shut the garage door and return to the kitchen from where Yuki's food is stored. She jumps all around sure I will feed her if she flops about enough.

You start with your sing song jazz talk,
"Mom, you're riling her up, that pug, that freshly baked, organic puuuug."

You stop dead in your dancing tracks to give a quick think and then seriously note,

"You know her meat is organic, Mom?"

Then you're back to the dance and the ad-lib song. You wrestle your hands in the dogs face for effect, and she gnaws on your fingers.

You sing silly,
"Ahhhhh! she's bitting me... bitting me!!! She thinks I'm organic!!!"

**************************************** The Way They Start Out *****************************************

You lay in the hallway, half on the stairs, moping about how bored you are without someone to play with. As always, I remind you that we could have always had another child (this usually gets you off my case, since most days a sibling is the last thing you'd ever want). 
This day you reply smugly, "yeeeaaahhh, but I can't stand the way they start out."

I probe for more, knowing this aught to be good... "what do you mean, the way they start out?"

You throw in, "you know, with the crying baby stuff, and then the whining, then fighting..."

****************************************** The "Waiting" Pool *************************************

We drive by a great park that I used to go to with Aunt Pam and Co. before you were born. You mention to me how cool the park looks and I tell you we can go in the summer, adding, "they even have a wading pool." 
You sit quiet for a second then pipe up, "Oh, so like you don't have to wait to go on the playground...?"
Sometimes I let you think things that are just a hair off, because it's cute and will be fun when you figure them out. This one I had to explain to you. :)

************************************* Bowling 'Tude *************************************

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