your little world: part one

It's time for an updated "all about you" segment. 
Over the next week or so I'm going to compile tidbits of you-facts 
giving a little glimpse into what your life is like right now. 

First things first, let's start with the most obvious and pressing current event... 

The Pox:

We are currently taking the week off of school. 
We are free to do this for up to two weeks during the corse of each quarter, 
and since you have THE CHICKEN POX we thought this might be a good week to take! 

Your chicken pox are nothing short of adorable, and very very mild. 
I was SO excited when they started showing up mid last week. 
Once I calmed your Daddy down and guaranteed him you did not need an incubator 
and quarantine at the nearest NICU, I called Auntie Pam and Gra squealing with delight! 
It felt like such a precious moment. A milestone! 
Like having a first period (not you of course) or losing a first tooth! 

We did not have you vaccinated for the chicken pox because 
we wanted you to get them the good old fashioned way like we did. 
And now that you have them you won't ever have to worry about booster shots 
or contracting them later in life when it's less safe.  

We have tallied a total of 12 cute little pox. 
Mostly on your chest a tummy. 
You have had no other symptoms, except a little stomach ache, yesterday. 
Although we were prepared for the whole sha-bang, 
we are grateful that it turned out to be such a gentle (cute) case.

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