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I don't keep this blog with an audience analysis for anyone but my little guy, so I don't give much thought to explaining how we did a craft, or sharing a great new recipe, or posting inspirations or encouragement for todays Mama readers. I'm sorry for that, because I know you are here - checking in now and then - leaving me sweet e-mail messages. But there is a good reason for the direction I've taken here, and I need to stay the course. 

One thing I do miss as I look back at this blog versus babyzeek.com is my old favorite links. I love when I stumble across those links in my reading and I can revisit some of the places, people, brilliant ideas I once loved.  So here they are... my current favorites:

Of course Ann, who I've probably linked 1,000 times already.  

My good long time girlfriend Jamie, who's back at blogging again after the birth of her second little one. 

My (I won't dare say "oldest") longest friend Emily sharing tidbits of her hectic life with three (well, four if you count her husband) boys.   

My open hearted, fearless friend Katherine with beautiful photography, adorable weekly learning and play themes for kids, and awesome ideas for giving. 

Courtney with an inspiring gift combination of boldness, submission and self-control. 

Enchanted Learning: our favorite printable membership for homeschool and fun.

Our favorite banana bread

Our FAVORITE sugar cookies, with or without the ice cream.

My favorite modern decor website.

My favorite homeschool resource blogger, Mama Jen, using our same curriculum and giving away her ideas and PDFs like a mad woman! Love her! 

The Nichols, my favorite photography team EVER!

My current favorite single photographer.

And an amazing nutritional idea that if I'm not still implementing in 10 years, I need to remember to get back to! 

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