your little world: part four


Right now you play in rotation of Hot Wheels (both the cars and the video games), board games, dominos, and card games. Your favorite video game is XBox "Hot Wheels Beat That!" And we love the way you say it. Your cards of choice are rummy and go fish. :)

You are always combining your race car video games with your toy cars. 
You will call certain cars "locked" and make us do certain things in order to "unlock" them,
i.e. "hit the green ninja monster truck with the datson bluebird", 
"zoom this dirt car up the hall into the sun spot in the entrance way" etc...   

You get bored not having someone little to play with. We play with you a lot. Even I have found a fondness for playing toys with you more often now that you are a little older. I loved playing cars with your uncle Tony when we were kids, so it only makes sense. 

We also make sure to have a friend of yours over now and then for the day. Jaymee will come over for the day, or a couple hours while her mom is running with uncle Jeff up the road, and now and then we will pick up cousin Zach for a play day. 
With a friend in tow you are scarce and content as can be. 

You are great at playing on your own as well. You love your fun cards and fun files. They are index cards and files folders we made up with little ideas of fun things to do. 
The files each have their own game, art project, cutouts, coloring and activity pages, or scavenger hunts in them.
The fun cards are similar but not ready-to-go in a file for you. Things like, write a letter to someone, collect a basket of natural toys from outside to play with, make a fort, play hide and seek...

We all love hide and seek in the dark with flashlights lately. It's becoming a part of our nightly routine.  

You love to read and listen to books on CD. 
Your all time favorite book on CD is Ribsy, followed by Black Beauty. 
Right now, you love the "Dear Dragon" series of easy readers. 
I can hardly get you out of the library with new ones before you've read them already! :)

Saturday mornings are "cartoon mornings", but for the most part you still earn most of your media time. You earn a "30 Media Minutes" ticket anytime you have made the choice on your own to produce rather than consume. We have all been working on this concept, making changes in our habits and reaping great benefits from it. 

Your favorite show right now is "Busy Town", 
and you always like to remind me that it teaches kids a lot! ;) 
Your favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon, 
and you insist on wearing your dragon pajamas with wings as often as we will let you. 

You love the dragons "toothless" and "the nader" the most, and you've been a dragon 90% of what used to be your "cat" time. Although, you are far less often anything besides Zeek, THANK GOD. I guess it was just a (long) phase after all. :) 

Speaking of cats, you are currently at the count of 10 stuffed cats. I still feel terrible that we can't get you a real cat, but your stuffed ones are SO special and important to you.
You have;
*Anxious (Angry's twin)
Sweet Cat
Wiskers baby
and Mew-Mew
*hands down favorites

Your cats even go to work once in awhile with your Dad. 

He takes pictures of them doing crazy things and sends them to you, all throughout the day.
He's such a good Daddy. 

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