your little world: part three


Our socialization has been scant these past couple of months. In part, we just suck at it, lately. It's so cold and miserable outside. I want to be a lover of all seasons, but by February, when it's still dipping into negative degrees everyday, we are waiting like hibernating bears to see any signs of a coming spring. PLEASE GOD!!! 

I don't care how much vitamin D we consume in pill form, with sun comes a higher tolerance from and for all mankind. :)

Having written that, something big has changed in you over the past couple of months. Where you have always been very seemingly "shy", unsure, and to yourself in public, lately you have been completely different. 

I don't know what happened that might have changed this about you. Maybe you're just growing into your own... but you have been SO wonderful with people/strangers. You've been responding to them, looking them in the eye, confident, and even witty and charming. Not that it surprises me that you are witty and charming, but with any and everyone is a HUGE shock for me. 
I love it! And so does everyone else.

It's so nice to see you presenting your little wonderful-ness to people instead of keeping it a secret for only your closest people. 
And I've really enjoyed not having to explain that you don't have autism and it's really not that you're homeschooling parents have kept you completely unsocialized. 

We have started you in a new class at the Little Gym. It's a combined sports class that lasts six months. It teaches you a number of different sports but mostly builds on skill level and confidence. 

My favorite thing about it is the staff. They are SO wonderful. They really make you feel like you're a part of something special. They treat you like a strong capable learner. They never doubt or wonder what you can do. They just know you can do it!!! And so, you have. :)  

Oddly enough, we are finding that you are best at and enjoy gymnastics the most. Not just the tumbling stuff, but the balance beams and parallel bars too! 
Who would have thought?
We usually go out to lunch at after your gym class, and last week you saw a bar in the restaurant we were in. You remembered when Uncle Ron snuck you off to buy you kiddy cocktails at the bar at Oneida, and you asked me if you could have one. 
I told you that you could if you went to the bar and ordered it yourself (absolutely sure you would never). Without skipping a beat you left my side, marched right up to the bar, waited for the bartender (who I winked an "okay" to), and ordered your drink!!! 
You even waited for him to bring it to you.
I didn't hear any of it, but you came back with a kiddy cocktail, so you did something right! :)  


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